Lydia Bingley
Graduate Student Researcher
6705 Geology


I am a graduate student studying space physics at UCLA, passionate about space exploration and human expansion into the solar system.

  • Graduate Student, Dept. of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, UCLA
  • B.S. Astrophysics, UCLA | 2015


I am interested in the dynamics of Earth's radiation belts and how wave-particle interactions impact the near-Earth space environment. I believe that the next step in human evolution is the exploration and colonization of the solar system; a feat that will be difficult to accomplish without a deeper understanding of the space environment. With each new discovery in space physics, we become more capable of protecting ourselves and our space assets against the harsh environment outside of Earth's protective atmosphere, and thus more capable of space travel. Similarly, I'm passionate about the development of small platforms for large-scale scientific investigation, such as CubeSats and SmallSats, as a rapid and cost-efficient strategy for making new discoveries.


In my free time, I enjoy readying anything published by To The Stars, Inc., hiking in the Los Angeles area, and travelling overseas.


UCLA Earth, Planetary, & Space Sciences

ELFIN Cubesat